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Wilcox Bookkeeping and Tax Services

Bookkeeping | Payroll | Tax Services 

Invest your time into your business' growth and leave the accounting to us!  


We mange all of your bookkeeping needs. We are skilled and professional bookkeepers, tracking your businesses finances for your stability and success.  


We manage your payroll and make sure you are in compliance with proper payroll laws. We take the burden of payroll off of your business with Wilcox professional payroll services. 


We guarantee stress-free tax preparation and filing. Don't wait until tax season, let us take charge of your taxes while you focus on your business. 

Cafe Owners

Wilcox Bookkeeping and Tax Services, LLC is a full-service bookkeeping company. We specialize in small business bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services.

We service all of your individual and business tax needs with our Professional Tax Prep services. 


We have an orderly process that will take care of your business startup documentation and monthly services. We ensure worry free management of all of your businesses administrative needs.


Don't wait! Consult with us today about helping you and your business prepare for tax season! 

Tax Season

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Melanie Wilcox, MPA

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